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"Puma Thurman" Vinyl Reflective Sticker

"Puma Thurman" Vinyl Reflective Sticker

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The humor-filled "Puma Thurman" vinyl sticker drew inspiration from the cult classic movie, PULP FICTION, and a quirky life-size puma statue I bought from City Liquidators. The PNW always draws inspiration from the weird, unique, and funky!

The Puma Thurman statue now has quite the fan-following of her own... come out and grab a selfie with her at one of La Spina Designs pop-up booths! Sign-up on the mailing list to find out where Puma Thurman will be showing up next!

The “Puma Thurman” sticker is printed on premium vinyl with a glitter border and glossy finish. It's coated with a protective laminate that makes it resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and is dishwater safe!

Size: 3.72” x 4.0”


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